Air socks for ventilation

What are air socks for ventilation


Air socks is just another name for Fabric Ducting or Textile Diffusers and are a form of diffuser that use a duct made out of fabric material to deliver air into a room. The sock diffuser is made from flame retardant polyester material and delivers the air into the room via a variety of methods (micro-perforations diffusers, laser cut perforations or fabric nozzles) depending upon the application and how far we want the air to travel and the velocity needed in the occupied zone.


Air socks for ventilation, how they work


An air sock air ventilation system inflates using the external static pressure created by the fan from the Air Handling Unit or Evaporator Unit, using this energy to maintain a shape and deliver the air through the air duct and into the occupied zone (or process). In order to ensure that the air vent ducting delivers the correct velocity we have software that creates air flow graphics for each unique air sock system showing how far the air travels and its velocity as an air pattern.


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