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Decathlon Doornik


Decathlon wanted a system with a high level of comfort in cooling and heating to guarantee a pleasant climate for their customers and employees. Through the ingenious membrane system of Prihoda fabric ducts, the Doornik shop enjoys well-distributed heating and cooling. Below is an excerpt from a press article about this project.

The Doornik Decathlon opened in the autumn of 2016. Even after a fairly cold winter, Prihoda ducts reach a comfortable temperature easily. ‘The temperature is evenly distributed throughout the store, without any noise,’ says Remi Cougnet, manager of the Henegouwen branch. ‘For me, this is a good indicator of comfort: do employees complain about the temperature in the store? Well, we’ve never heard this complaint. That happened a lot more in other Decathlons I have worked.’


Combination of two techniques
But, cooling and heating via the same channel is not easy. If you want to consider the worst-case scenario for cooling but without any draft, hot air often causes a problem. It has difficulty reaching the floor because of limited exhaust possibilities. ‘So, the membrane system combines two perforation techniques’, says Wesley Verlez, product & sales manager for Xilio, Prihoda distributor in Belgium. ‘The top is microperforated and works through displacement. The underside is simply perforated and works with induction. An internal flap, controlled by a servomotor connected to the air group, covers one of the sides. Cold air can only escape from the top, so it swirls down. Hot air goes downward at higher speeds via induction, so it is certain to reach the floor.’







Supermarket chain Carrefour considers a pleasant indoor climate one of the cornerstones to optimize the shopping experience of customers. Prihoda fabric ducts were installed in the Koksijde Carrefour. Below is an excerpt from a press article about this project.


Cooling and heating with a single duct
Wesley Verlez is sales manager at Xilio, the distributor of Prihoda. He explains the technique: ‘Prihoda’s membrane channels combine two techniques. The upper side of the channel has microperforations to distribute the cold air through displacement during cooling. Larger perforations were made in the underside, which heat through induction. Internally, in the middle of the air duct, there is an impermeable flap which always covers one-half of the duct. At the beginning of the installation, this flap is connected to a servomotor controlled by the air group. If the sensor decides to cool, the arm lowers the flap, forcing the air downward and distributing it via displacement through the micro-perforations. If the air group decides to heat, the reverse happens, and the flap is brought upward. The warm air now quickly heats the room via the larger perforations at the bottom. The result is draft-free operation in cooling and heating, leading to an energy advantage in heating, particularly, because less stratification occurs. In addition, air speeds can be higher in fabric ducts, allowing smaller duct diameters.’

‘Working with fabric ducts is also very useful for us as installers. They are very compact to transport, and their low weight makes on-site installation a breeze. Setting is very simple, and no time-consuming grid assembly is required. This saves many man hours. Maintenance is also easy for the customer. Even in polluting industrial conditions, they only need to be removed and cleaned occasionally. And in supermarkets, even this is not necessary.’


‘Important for customers and personnel’
For Hypermarket Carrefour, there are several factors that play a role in the choice of fabric ducts. Jan Geeraerts, technical manager, explains: ‘We do not just want a pleasant indoor climate for our customers, but it is also important that personnel can do their work in an optimal atmosphere. In addition, fabric ducts are also visually attractive; they don’t have that cold industrial appearance.’

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