Prihoda fabric ducts



Fabric ducts...more effective and sustainable air conditioning on a limited budget.
Choosing Prihoda is choosing perfect preparation and easy installation!


Fabric ducts are your guarantee of perfect, even distribution of air-conditioned air. Ensuring greater comfort and a draft-free environment. They are quick to assemble, easy to clean and can be used anywhere. Look up and see them in office buildings, sports centres, shops, cleanrooms, production halls, etc.

Prihoda is known worldwide for its innovative techniques and flawless calculation software. Prihoda has developed unique membrane techniques, always opting for low-maintenance, (fire) safe and antibacterial materials.


Prihoda fabric ducts in figures:

- up to 70% more economical than traditional applications
- 50% lower flow rate for cooling
- saves up to 10% in energy for heating
- 20+ years of experience with fabric ducts
- 10-year warranty

Every project is unique

With Prihoda fabric ducts, the possibilities are nearly endless Every project has its own specific characteristics and every client, specific wishes. Xilio has its own, experienced calculation service that is 100% dedicated to the calculation and elaboration of your HVAC project. You order and receive fabric ducts that meet your expectations, and those of your customer, down to the smallest detail.

We also offer your customer a wide choice of finishes and materials:

- Pantone colours
- Printing (Prihoda Art) with photo, logo, ...
- Ecological textile air ducts from 100% recycled fabric
- SquaireTex air vents
- ...

And all of this makes Prihoda your perfect partner.


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