Reinforcing system


The fabric-covered metal spiral is inserted inside the duct; it maintains permanently its cylindrical shape and keeps the fabric stretched. The necessary lead of the spring is provided by longitudinal textile strips. Five-metre long Helix sections are connected to zip fasteners attaching separate sections of the ducting together. The spiral can be easily removed for maintenance purposes; its manufacturing design is suitable for a majority of shaped pieces. The necessary tension of the fabric will be achieved by the tensioners in profile and in blanking.



Technical specifications


• Available for Ø250 - Ø1200 mm
• Length of sections - 5 m
• Additional weight only 0,6 - 1kg/m
• Detachable inner reinforcement system (Zipper - Zipper connection)



Key benefits


• The same cylindrical shape even without air supply
• No extra work during assembly. Super light Helix is part of the product
• Easy disassembly for maintenance
• Possibility of additional installation

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