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Swirl diffusers for false ceilings


SquAireTex diffusers are for use in false ceilings and to replace traditional steel swirl diffusers. Depending on the design, SquAireTex air ducts distribute air along a structure in a rotating direction or straight in one or more directions. The air flow is determined by bags that are attached above the opening in the fabric.

Apart from an aluminium frame, they are made entirely of textile, including the plenum box above the ceiling. The air passes through microscopic openings in the textile. These openings are either laser-cut perforations or bags that are welded to the fabric.
The plenum boxes can be made with an insulating layer to prevent condensation and provide sound absorption. This plenum box has a special shape to allow proper air circulation, guaranteeing minimal loss of pressure.

SquAireTex is available in a single colour, selective graphic print or in colour combinations. The classically used fabrics are particularly strong and durable, as well as being highly fire retardant.

The installation of SquAireTex fabric ducts is very simple. The system only needs to be placed in the structure of the false ceiling. Because the system is very light, it does not need to be fixed.

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