Heating cables and catch trays



Alixo is the overarching brand name for a wide product range that focuses on HVAC/R applications. HVAC installation products guarantee smooth and safe installation of any HVAC system. The Alixo range contains 5 product groups: roof passages, wall consoles, resistors and catch trays, assembly beams and condensate drain pipes. Navigate above between the different categories.


Heating cables and condensate trays


Heating cables and condensate trays are under this heading.


 Heating cable



Heating cables


Heating cables serve as a heating element to keep condensate trays and drains ice-free. They are made of flexible, high quality material that allows curves up to 180° and have a double silicone sheath. Every heating cable has a CE certificate and is IP66-certified.

There are also versions with a built-in thermostat.




Provide a separate automatic Type C, adapted to the nominal capacity of the edge heating (considering the total length of the edge heating), linked to a differential switch (30-300 mA) and placed in an explosion-proof environment!





 Condensate tray


Condensate trays


The condensate collection tray is a sturdy plastic plate that is easy to attach to any type of wall can easily be attached to any type of wall mount. Condensate is collected on the tray and discharged via a cast drain. The mounting arms are glass-fibre reinforced.

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