Mounting blocks



Alixo is the overarching brand name for a wide product range that focuses on HVAC/R applications. HVAC installation products guarantee smooth and safe installation of any HVAC system. The Alixo range contains 5 product groups: roof passages, wall consoles, resistors and catch trays, assembly beams and condensate drain pipes. Navigate above between the different categories.


Alixo mounting blocks


Full plastic bars suitable for placing any type of outdoor unit. The method of connection is entirely up to you. Alixo mounting bars are robust, durable beams.


 Full mounting block flat Full mounting bar cross

Mounting blocks


For installation of outdoor units on flat surfaces. Mounting bars ensure a sturdy, wind-proof set-up. By installing the air conditioning unit or ventilation system on mounting bars, a good distribution of weight is achieved.
The mounting bar with crossbar is an ecology-friendly solution. It has the same properties as the flat mounting bar but is manufactured with a reduced amount of material.

The bars are made of recycled plastic.

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