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Alixo is the overarching brand name for a wide product range that focuses on HVAC/R applications. HVAC installation products guarantee smooth and safe installation of any HVAC system. The Alixo range contains 5 product groups: roof passages, wall consoles, resistors and catch trays, assembly beams and condensate drain pipes. Navigate above between the different categories.


Roof passages


Alixo roof passages are suitable for all flat roof types. They are the ideal link for the passage of pipes to units on flat roofs. Every roof passage has a base with rounded corners. The wide base allows a perfect connection to the roof membrane. Every roof gland has a large cover that protects against rain.


Ask about the latest roof gland within the range which is equipped with a patented flange as extra protection against water seepage between the roof gland and the roof membrane.


   Alu roof inlet
  Alu roof inlet

Aluminium roof inlets


These types of aluminium roof glands are extremely durable. All pipes, cables and insulating sheaths are protected against rain penetration. The wide base surface guarantees an easy connection to the roof membrane and provides secure protection against water infiltration.
Aluminium roof glands can be installed on all types of roofs. They are the best choice for a roof with roofing.

Available types:

  • Standard roof glands
  • With special straight passage
  • With extra wide passage*
  • With extra high neck*
  • With double passage


*Roof glands with special straight passage are ideal for refrigeration applications.


Roof inlet wit telescopic base

Aluminium roof inlets with telescopic base


Inlets with a telescopic base are a combination of standard roof glands and an adjustable base. This makes it possible to adjust the height perfectly according to the insulation thickness. This type is ideal for new construction or insulation projects.


 Stainless steel roof inlet

Stainless steel roof inlets


Stainless steel roof glands are suitable for installation in highly saline and chemical environments. They are available in various diameters.

Aluminium roof glands can be installed on all types of roofs. They are a good choice when roofing is used.


 Plastic roof glands

Plastic roof inlets


Plastic roof glands are made of ASA, UV-resistant plastic. Plastic glands have the same function as aluminium glands. This type of roof gland is easier to install on a roof with EPDM or on plastic roofs.


  Alu wall ducts

Wall ducts


Wall ducts have the same function as roof glands - protecting all cables and pipes from rain - but here, the product should be installed against the wall. Wall ducts are already pre-drilled. This makes them quick and easy to install. Wall ducts are made of aluminium.

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