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Alixo is the overarching brand name for a wide product range that focuses on HVAC/R applications. HVAC installation products guarantee smooth and safe installation of any HVAC system. The Alixo range contains 5 product groups: roof passages, wall consoles, resistors and catch trays, assembly beams and condensate drain pipes. Navigate above between the different categories.


Wall mounts


Wall mounts are ideal for mounting an installation on the wall. The range of wall mounts exists in various dimensions and with different bearing capacities. Various finishes are available.


 Galvanized wall mounts
 Warm galvanized wall mounts

Galvanized wall mounts


Galvanized wall mounts have a zinc layer that offers greater resistance to wear. This galvanized layer provides protection against corrosion, mechanical damage and rust. Hot-galvanized wall mounts have an alloy resulting from the process being carried out at high temperatures. The zinc layer is very hard and wear-resistant. Even if scratches occur, the zinc layer continues to provide protection. They are suitable for outdoor use.

Galvanized wall mounts are available in various dimensions. Within this range, there is a specific mount that is suitable for large units. Depending on the type of unit to be placed, various load capacities are available, up to 250 kg per arm.


  Stainless steel wall brackets

Stainless steel wall mounts


Stainless steel wall mounts come standard with as assembly kit and vibrating rubbers. They already have a pre-assembled arm. The stainless-steel version exists in two different dimensions including one that is ideal for wide units and heat pumps. Mounts are available with a load capacity of up to 100 kg per support arm.


 Painted wall mounts

Painted wall mounts


This type of bracket consists of galvanized steel finished with a white coating. Vibrating rubbers are included as standard. All wall brackets are equipped with a crossbar. Certain wall mounts within this range have a water level. Within this range, there is also a type that is suitable for wide units. Mounts are available with a load capacity of up to 100 kg per support arm.


 Vibration dampers

Vibration dampers


Rubber, conical vibration dampers that reduce vibrations. There are 4 vibration dampers per kit, together have a load capacity of 150 kg.

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