Cleanduct ducting


Inoac is a Japanese manufacturer known for its high performance pre-insulated pipes. The cooling pipes are constructed of copper pipe and immediately wrapped with heat-resistant insulation material. This provides effective resistance to built-up condensation and makes extra insulation material unnecessary. In addition, Inoac also has a leading range of HVAC accessories and Clean Duct channels.


Clean Duct channels

The Clean Duct range from Inoac not only gives a nice look and finish to your pipes, but especially protects the pipes leading to the air conditioning unit. Pipes are protected against UV and external influences such as dirt, weather and animals (insects, birds, etc.) that can reduce the quality of the insulation.

In addition to protecting pipes, the unit (air conditioning, heat pump, ...) is also protected. If the insulation lines no longer work optimally, this could also reduce the operation of the device, which could result in higher maintenance costs and a shorter service life of the device.

All channels and components are equipped with stainless steel mounting screws that guarantee a solid installation. So, it is impossible for loose fitting parts to make annoying noise.




Channels for a connection with air conditioning unit and cooling pipes. The channels are UV-resistant and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. The finish colours are either ivory (RAL1013) or white. Stainless steel mounting screws are included as standard with both the channels and the pieces that you can place on them. The pipes have a fixed length of 2m.


 Flat bend 90° Flat adjustable bend 45°-90°
 Vertical bend 90°  Vertical adjustable bend 45°-90°
 Universal bend 360°  



Various types of bends available to enable angles. Choice of flat bends, vertical bends or universal bends.

Flat bends and vertical bends are possible in 90° or adjustable between 45° and 90°. Universal bends are possible to mount both flat or vertically and rotate 360°.


 Wall cover cap

Wall cover caps


With the wall cover cap, you can do the finishing between a vertical pipe to a horizontal pipe and wall passage. The cover cap finishes this connection nicely.




Connecting piece  

Connecting pieces between 2 ducts


The connecting piece serves to connect 2 ducts with each other so that a longer running distance can be achieved.


End piece
End piece

End pieces


End pieces are used to close the installation of the channels.


Flexible channel

Flexible channels


Flexible channels are the perfect choice if a connection must be made that must pass over uneven parts.





T-pieces ensure that the pipes can continue via split channels.


Ceiling or wall rosettes  

Ceiling or wall rosettes


Rosettes finish the passage through the ceiling or through the wall. The hole through which the channel passes is finished with the same material as the channels.





Reducers can be used to change the channel size. For example, one can switch from a smaller channel to a larger channel or vice versa.

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