Flat ducts

Flat ducts


Flat channels are ideal for renovations where there is insufficient room for round channels. Accessories such as curves, end pieces, saddles are also available for this type of channel. Through the various connection pieces, a combination of flat and round Galva channels is also possible. Below you will find all the various options in the range. Contact us via the form below for specific dimensions and orders or download the catalogue.


Channels without attachment frame Channels with fixing frame with pre-drilled holes
 Internally reinforced channels with pre-drilled holes  



Flat ventilation channels exist in 3 different types.

  • Channels without attachment frame
  • Channels with fixing frame with pre-drilled holes
  • Internally reinforced channels with pre-drilled holes

Each channel has a standard length of 2m and a height of 5cm. Various widths are available. With the pre-drilled channels there is always a central distance of 18 cm between the holes. The holes are 7 mm in diameter.


 Horizontal bend 45° Vertical bend 45°
 Horizontal bend 90° Vertical bend 90°



The range of flat channels contains curves for both horizontal and vertical use. You can choose between an angle of 45° or one of 90°. Thanks to the curves, it is possible to work around different angles.


 Male connecting piece Female connecting piece

Connecting pieces


Connecting pieces make it possible to make connections between multiple channels. The range includes both a male connector and a female connector.


 Flat saddle connector 90°  

Saddle connectors


A saddle ensures that a branch can take place. This is mounted on the tube.


 Flat T-piece Mixed symmetric T-piece flat/round
 Mixed symmetric T-piece round/flat  



This type of part allows a T-connection. This can be either a T-connection between all flat channels or allow a combination between flat and round channels. In between, there is also the option of going from two flat channels to a single round one, or from two round channels to one flat channel. This element is very useful if there is more or less space at certain points, making it necessary to change the type of channel (flat or round).


 Flat symmetric reduction piece Flat assymetric reduction piece
Symmetric reduction piece round/flat Asymmetric reduction piece round/flat

Reduction pieces


Reduction pieces allow a connection between different channels. These can all be flat channels but with a different diameter or go from a flat channel to a round one. With this type of element, there is always a transition of diameter or dimension.


 Flat end cover End cover round/flat
 End cover flat/round  

End covers


End covers are suitable to completely close the circuit off, or to transfer the circuit from flat to round or round to flat.

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