Round ducts

Round ducts


Round ducts are always the best choice to combine with ventilation units or air conditioning systems. This type of duct is the easiest to clean, since they have no corners. Plus, they allow the air to flow perfectly. There are also many accessories available to complete the installation. Contact us via the form below for specific dimensions and orders or download the catalogue.


 Round ducts



Round Galva channels have a standard length of 3m. The thickness of the wall depends on the diameter 0.4- or 0.5-mm. Different diameters are available.


Mounting bracket
Galvanised bungee cord

Mounting brackets


Mounting brackets are for hanging up round channels. These are available for M8. The inner ring is manufactured in EPDM and has vibration damping properties.


Bend 15°  Bend 30°
Bend 45° Bend 60°
Bend 90° Short bend 90°
Short bend 90°  



There are seven different types of curves in the range that are suitable for round channels. Depending on the diameter of the round Galva channel, a corresponding curve is available.

There is a choice between curves of 15°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°, depending on the required angle.

There are also short curves which are shorter in length. There is a distinction between ordinary short curves and female/male short curves. Each type of curve is standard equipped with a double EPDM seal.




Connecting piece male Connecting piece female

Connecting pieces


Connecting pieces make it possible to make connections between multiple channels. The range includes both a male connector and a female connector.




Symmetric saddle connector 90° Straight saddle connector 90°

Saddle connectors


A saddle ensures that a branch can take place. This is mounted on the tube.




Symmetric T-piece Male end cover

T-pieces and end cover


The symmetrical T-piece makes it possible to switch from two round tubes to a single round tube.

You can seal off the installation using a cover.


Symmetric reduction Asymmetric reduction
 Symmetric reduction F/M  

Reduction pieces


Reduction pieces allow a connection between different channels. These can be symmetrical or asymmetrical reduction pieces.



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