Small accessories

Small accessories


This includes a range of numerous accessories that complete/finish the installation.



Sound dampers  

Sound dampers


Galva sound dampers are made of an external spiral duct and an internally perforated steel sheet with sound-absorbing material in between. Depending on the chosen diameter, the length of the sound damper is 300 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm or 1200 mm.



Non-return valves  

Non-return valves


Galva non-return valves are equipped with aluminium slats. The non-return valves are used for horizontal installation between two channels. They are available in various diameters.


Walll louvre

Wall louvres


Aluminium wall louvres are manufactured in a round design and can be mounted directly on the pipe. They are available in various diameters.


Roof cowl

Roof cowls for flat roofs


This type of roof cowl is suitable for use on flat roofs. Roof cowls guarantee an excellent intake or discharge of air for ventilation systems. The roof cowl for flat roofs is available in various diameters and heights.



Storm collar

Storm collars


The storm collar or rain edge gives the installation a watertight finish. Placing it between the channel and the roof duct prevents rain from entering.


 Roof passage

Roof passages


Roof passage for the passage of channels to the roof.


 Roof cowl series H Roof cowl series A
 Roof cowl for slope roofs  

Roof cowls for sloping roofs


Roof cowls allow air intake or air discharge in ventilation systems. This type of roof cowl can only be used on roofs with tiles or slates. It is made of UV-resistant polystyrene with a lead plate or of steel with a lead plate. Each type of roof cowl has a bird guard. Roof cowls can be used on roofs with a gradient between 5° and 45°. They are available in red or anthracite grey. Roof cowls for sloping roofs are available in different dimensions.



Discharge grid
Supply grid
 Discharge and supply grid

Round adjustable air valves


Valves serve for air intake/discharge for various rooms (kitchen, bathroom, living room, ...) in buildings. The grids can be installed both in the wall and in the ceiling. They are quick and easy to install. In the centre, there is an adjustable disc that determines how much air comes in or goes out. The position can be fixed with a fixing nut. The grids are made of steel. Various diameters are available. Depending on the chosen diameter, a certain air flow rate can be achieved.
Choice between:

  • White adjustable discharge grid
  • White adjustable supply grid
  • Adjustable discharge and supply grid in stainless steel colour


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